With the launch of MyEnglishTeacher.lk – online English learning platform in Sri Lanka, it is expected to accomplish several objectives.

  1. To build a platform to facilitate the custom requirements of various language learners.
    There are several reasons for people to start learning English as their second language. Learning as part of the school syllabus, higher studies and examinations,  job interviews, professional requirements and day to day language usage are the most important factors. As a centralized language teaching hub, MyEnglishTeacher.lk can cater to any of the above aspects of a regular English learner.
  2. To learn at your own pace.
    MyEnglishTeacher.lk creates a favourable environment for anyone to proceed with their learning activities in a comfortable way. Students can use our self learning kits and software tools to do studies at their home or while travelling. With our guidance, one can become his own master and become a successful English learner.
  3. To provide an interesting learning experience.
    MyEnglishTeacher.lk is armed with a group of friendly English teachers and instructors. Apart from our valuable human resources, our lessons are designed with graphical illustrations and student interactions which creates a inspired learning culture.
  4. To expose a rapid learning  path with positive attitudes.
    English learners can belong to different ages and different backgrounds. Our aim is to inculcate positive attitudes through our smart student monitoring programs and help them get the maximum benefits from MyEnglishTeacher.lk. Our mindful learning practices will make someone a rapid learner definitely.